Faculty (2016)
katja, 24 Aug 2016

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Liberty Seminars 2016
Milutin Pavicevic, 13 Jun 2016

The 9th annual Liberty Seminars will be held September 1-5, 2016 at Hotel Jezero, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. The Liberty Seminars are a life-time opportunity to DISCUSS, PRESENT & DEBATE human rights through a lens of economics, public policy, history, philosophy and law in breathtaking scenery of the Julian Alps. The 2016 Liberty Seminars will offer top notch speakers.


How Liberty Seminars alumni remember the experience:
- 2014 participants
- 2013 participants
- 2011 participants
- 2010 participants
- 2009 participants
- 2008 participants

To spend an unforgettable week with other exceptional individuals who share a passion for the ideas of liberty apply to the 2016 Liberty Seminars HERE by August 15, 2016 (VISA applicants by July 1, 2016).

The Liberty Seminars 2015: Impressions by Alumni
katja, 10 Jun 2016

"The Liberty Seminars proved to be a great personal and professional experience for me. During those few days I met great people, learnt about challenging ideas and had the chance to listen to outstanding lectures from experts all over the world. The seminars provided me with a much better understanding on the idea of liberty, and its political and economic implications. I met amazing people from all over the world and I will always treasure their friendship. Participating in the Liberty Seminars is an essential experience for everyone interested in freedom and liberty."
Peter Bence Stumpf, Hungary

"Liberty seminar was one of the best experience I had, it is a very nicely designed conference which brings people from different backgrounds and countries to discuss on liberal ideas and helps us to understand liberal ideas and free markets in better way! The conference is not only discussion but it is nicely planed to have a mixed experience of adventure and knowledge."
Roomani Shah, India

"Liberty Seminars are a wonderful experience. For people who like to seek the truth, who like to discuss economics, history and politics this is a gold-mine. I really enjoyed the experience and hope that more people go through the seminars and have their horizons opened. In an environment which doesn't value entrepreneurship, truth, history and rational thinking, Liberty Seminars is definitely a place where one can openly and freely be a libertarian and share ideas that matter as well as spend time with the fellow libertarians from elsewhere in the World as well."
Matic Jelovcan, Slovenia

"When I think back of the Liberty Seminar in Slovenia in 2015, I can only recall nice memories which immediately put a smile on my face. The whole seminar was a truly enriching experience, both academically and personally. The combination of discussion based exercises, teamwork activities and some leisure time created an environment in which a person's mind naturally relaxes and opens up to new ideas. The discussions which we had on liberty topics might have ended but in my head I continue to think over them long after the seminar has finished. I hope that in the future more people will have the same chance as I had to experience this unique libertarian seminar and meet new friends."
Boris Kirov, Bulgaria

"Liberty Seminars Slovenia were very fruitful and inspirational for me. Seminars helped me to widen my views about individual liberty and importance of liberal economy to uplift the living conditions and create jobs. Free market is definitely much better alternative than state controlled economy. The material provided at the seminar was very helpful as it covered a wide range of policy issues."
Puskar Dhungel, Nepal

Liberty Seminars 2015
katja, 29 Sep 2015

Liberty Seminars 2015, Day 5
katja, 28 Sep 2015

We started our last full day of the Liberty Seminars Slovenia 2015 with two great sessions by Mateja Rek. After lunch, we welcomed Vit Jedlicka who founded the self-declared libertarian micronation Free Republic of Liberland. We continued with eagerly awaited debate between participants who had another opportunity to shine while arguing whether homeschooling is civil liberty or not. The final item on the Liberty Seminars agenda was the announcement of the winners of the debates and the graduation. Congratulations to all our graduates and thank you for the amazing week that we spent together!

Liberty Seminars 2015, Day 4
katja, 27 Sep 2015

The 4th day of the 2015 Liberty Seminars Slovenia started with very interesting discussion on "Popular Myths about Capitalism" led by IEA's Christopher Snowdon. Afterwards, the participants and visitors enjoyed in two highly informative sessions held by Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute. We spent the rest of the day at Lake Bohinj, where we enjoyed canoeing, hiking, and sightseeing of Waterfall Savica.

Liberty Seminars 2015, Day 3
katja, 26 Sep 2015

We started the third day of the Liberty Seminars 2015 with "A Student's Essay That Changed the World" by Zoltan Kesz. Later, Chris Snowdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs explained why inequality matters. After lunch, the participants engaged in a discussion about the solutions to poverty and inequality, and a discussion about a guaranteed national income ran by Cato Institute's Michael Tanner. The academic program in evening hours was devoted to sessions about lifestyle regulation and its consequences, and to a case of crony capitalism in Hungary.

Liberty Seminars 2015, Day 2
katja, 25 Sep 2015

The second day of the Liberty Seminars 2015 started with a discussion about libertarianism (liberalism) led by Tanja Porcnik. We continued with David Greenwald's workshops "Beyond Supply and Demand: How Prices Produce Altruistic Outcomes" and "The Anarchy and the Law".

The afternoon was devoted to the presentations of our participants. Each participant presented in 15 minutes an evaluation of civil, personal, and economic freedom in their own country, based on the Human Freedom Index. Day two ended with a session on "Debating the Ideas", where participants made initial preparations for the debate, which shall take place on Sunday, September 27.

Liberty Seminars 2015, Day 1
katja, 24 Sep 2015

On Wednesday, September 23 we started our first day of the 2015 Liberty Seminars Slovenia. Our participants and speakers are from Nepal, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Switzerland, USA, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Hungary, Pakistan, and Slovenia. Due to our generous supporters (Cato Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs, Foundation for Economic Education, and Ayn Rand Institute) our participants received a stack of books and other material. We would like to thank them for their very kind support!

After the opening remarks by the staffers Tanja Porcnik and Katja Kos, the Liberty Seminars' first session delved into the topic of "Human Rights vs. Government Powers". We continued with another session lead by Tanja Porcnik, which focused on the measurements of human freedom. We ended the day with a session "Why We Love State & How We Can Talk About It" lead by David Greenwald.

Short Visits of the Liberty Seminars 2015
Tanja Stumberger, 17 Sep 2015

If you are unable to join us at a week long seminar, we invite you for a short visit on Friday, September 25 or Saturday, September 26. More information here.

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Readings, Liberty Seminars 2015
Tanja Stumberger, 17 Sep 2015

Participants are expected to read the assigned readings in order to be able to engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed at all sessions of the Liberty Seminars. The latter differ from other seminars by being based on active participation of the participants, so they will not be a passive listeners but, rather, active participants in the discussions. The list of readings is available here.

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Liberty Seminars 2015 : Application Deadline EXTENDED
Tanja Stumberger, 01 Aug 2015

The 8th annual Liberty Seminars will be held September 23-28, 2015 at Hotel Jezero, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. The Liberty Seminars are a life-time opportunity to DISCUSS, PRESENT & DEBATE human rights through a lens of economics, public policy, history, philosophy and law in breathtaking scenery of the Julian Alps.


How Liberty Seminars alumni remember the experience:
- 2014 participants
- 2013 participants
- 2011 participants
- 2010 participants
- 2009 participants
- 2008 participants

The deadline for the applications has been extended until August 23, 2015, but only for those applicants who do not need visa to enter Slovenia. To spend an unforgettable week with other 40 exceptional individuals who share a passion for the ideas of liberty apply to the 2015 Liberty Seminars HERE!

Liberty Seminars Scholarship Fund
Tanja Stumberger, 16 Jul 2015

Due to the generous support of our private donors wishing to encourage a better grasp of the ideas of liberty the Liberty Seminars Scholarship Fund offers the Liberty Seminars participants scholarships of up to 500 euro for attending one of the available seminars. Application for the scholarship ought to be submitted along with the application to the seminar. We strongly encourage all applicants to the Liberty Seminars to also apply for a scholarship, which will help them with the participation fee.

Katja Kos Joins as Program Manager
Tanja Stumberger, 13 Jul 2015

Katja has joined the Liberty Seminars as Program Manager, where her main responsibility will be communication with the participants of the Liberty Seminars.

Outside her responsibilities with the Liberty Seminars, Katja is a student of a masters program in Policy Analysis and Public Administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is also active in Svetilnik, a leading Slovene classical liberal organization. Katja strongly believes that the advancement of human liberty is one of the most efficient and just ways of improving the human conditions. When not promoting ideas of liberty, Katja's non-academic interests include observing seals and traveling, in particular through post-Soviet countries.

Katja Kos, Program Manager, katja@svetilnik-slovenija.org

Liberty Seminars at the ESFLC15
Tanja Stumberger, 24 Apr 2015

By Katja Kos, Svetilnik

Around 500 students from all over Europe and beyond, and more than 40 speakers gathered at the Humboldt University in Berlin for the 4th annual European Students for Liberty Conference (ESFLC15) from 10-12 April 2015. The main topic of this year's three-day long conference was open borders. However, the purpose of the conference was not only to deal with practical and philosophical issues of immigration within the context of libertarian principles but also to meet and connect with other people who believe in the idea of liberty and/or to meet old friends with whom your paths were already crossed on the way towards a freer society.

Among the attendees of the conference were also many Liberty Seminars alumni. I was happy to see them stop by my the Liberty Seminars booth and share their memories of an unforgettable, enriching, knowledgeable, inspiring and life-changing week in Slovenia.

At the same time, I was very happy to had an opportunity to present Liberty Seminars to potential participants, who share passion for liberty and are therefore kindly welcomed to apply for the 8th annual Liberty Seminars Slovenia to be held in September 2015 (applications will open in May 2015).

Speakers reflections of the 2014 Liberty Seminars
Tanja Stumberger, 13 Nov 2014

"I'm always happy to receive Tanja's invitation to talk to the participants of the Liberty Seminars. It is a gathering of young people sharing a desire to learn and interact, and even more importantly sharing a view that liberty is the most important asset we have or are entitled to claim for ourselves. But they are not blindfolded believers of an ideology, thinking that the current Western world is perfect, that free market is without failures, or that everything that comes from the state is necessarily bad. Rather, they want to learn and understand how a better world for all can be built on principles of liberty and individual rights. Further, they want to know how they can improve their lives and the state of their nations without sacrificing their ideals. This, I think, may be the hardest and the most important thing there is to learn."
-- Dr Janez Sušteršič, Former Minister of Finance, Slovenia

"The Liberty Seminars combine fun, scholarship, inquiry, and fellowship. The participants from across Europe (and occasionally from further afield) who have taken part are already changing the world for the better. These seminars attract smart, motivated, and energetic young people who care about liberty, about justice, about peace, and about the future. And what better place than beautiful Slovenia for them to meet?"
-- Dr Tom G. Palmer, Executive Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

"The Liberty Seminars are quality events. Everything is smoothly organized, allowing scholars and students to pack a lot of learning into a relatively short period of time - yet still allowing some amazing sightseeing and fun in a beautiful part of the world. There's also a great sense of camaraderie, with people from all over Europe joining together to discuss the ideas and ideals of a free society. I hope to return over and over again."
-- Dr Daniel J. Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

The Liberty Seminars 2014: Impressions by Alumni
, 30 Oct 2014

"The Liberty Seminars were a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds that share the same values of personal and economic freedom. This week of passionate discussions made me believe that I am not alone in my search for a free and democratic society. Inspiring lectures, highly motivated participants and breath-taking natural views were all we needed to gain new knowledge and make good friends. The Liberty Seminars are a place where you learn how to defend your personal opinion through the art of debate and logical arguments on plenty of political and economic issues. Great experience for all the professionals who want to explore how libertarian ideas influence every level of our lives."
Mariya Kapari, Bulgaria

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Liberty Seminars 2014
Tanja Stumberger, 14 Oct 2014

2014 Liberty Seminars, Day Five
, 28 Sep 2014

The last full day of the 7th annual Liberty Seminars had an amazing line-up of speakers. Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute lead a discussion on fiscal policy.

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2014 Liberty Seminars, Day Four
, 27 Sep 2014

The fourth day of the Liberty Seminars 2014 can be called a day of money. In the morning, Liberty Camp and Liberty Academy simultaneously heard from David Greewald and Primoz Kocuvan. Greewald led workshops about the origin and nature of money, while Kocuvan ran sessions on unintended consequences of social engineering.

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