2014: Accepted Participants
Tanja Stumberger, 01 Aug 2014

The Liberty Seminars 2014 are expecting 40 participants from 26 countries!

Liberty Seminars 2014
Tanja Stumberger, 06 May 2014

The 7th annual Liberty Seminars will be held September 22-27, 2014 at Hotel Jezero, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. The Liberty Seminars are a life-time opportunity to DISCUSS, PRESENT & DEBATE human rights through a lens of economics, public policy, history, philosophy and law in breathtaking scenery of the Julian Alps. The 2014 Liberty Seminars will offer top notch speakers (read their bios).


How Liberty Seminars alumni remember the experience:
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To spend an unforgettable week with other 40 exceptional individuals who share a passion for the ideas of liberty apply to the 2014 Liberty Seminars HERE by August 1, 2014.

The Liberty Seminars 2013: Impressions by Alumni
Katarina, 24 Oct 2013

"The Liberty Seminars held in Bled was an excellent opportunity to learn new things, meet wonderful people from all over the world and spend one week in idyllic scenery! Memories of this seminar will always warm my heart and I will always remember the quality time spent on the lake shore. Excellent tuition, wonderful hosts and colleagues, incredible knowledge! I would do it again anytime!"
Adela Mirza, Romania

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The Liberty Seminars 2013
Tanja Stumberger, 15 Oct 2013

Our Supporters are the Best
Tanja Stumberger, 22 Sep 2013

The 6th annual Liberty Seminars were amazing. It was an honor to host a group of knowledge-curious participants, whom we were able to present to top-notch speakers. While the participants and speakers were discussing the topics, our program manager Katarina Korbelova and I were working in the background. Katarina was a pleasure to work with. We all had a week together that left us with new ideas, inspirations and friendships. All this would not have been possible without our amazing supporters.

The Liberty Seminars in Slovenia are funded solely by private contributions. We are extremely grateful to each supporter of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia. In 2013 we have continued to offer a large amount of scholarships to our participants, which are only possible because of the generous supporters who understand the need to invest in the future generation. Without our supporters we simply could not reach young people with ideas of liberty, limited government, free-market economics and personal responsibility. I would like to sincerely thank our supporters (in alphabetical order) Andrea Rich, Bojan and Vida Ribnikar Fund, David E. Shellenberger, Joshua Hall, Jure Baloh, Patricia Walsh and Robert F. Schroeder for their kind donations. Further, this year we got to hand out more than 1.000 copies of free books, journals and other publications due to in kind donations by (in alphabetical order) Adam Smith Institute, Atlas, Ayn Rand Institute, Cato Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, Heritage Foundation and Institute of Economic Affairs. Due to generosity of our supporters we get to keep changing the world, one student at a time. Thank you!!

2013 Liberty Seminars, Day Five
Katarina, 05 Sep 2013

The last full day of the Liberty Seminars started with the debates. Earlier in the week, the participants have been divided into 6 groups, each of which decided on a leader and two individuals who will debate on Friday. Three debates were on the topics of ownership of your body (kidneys), smoking in the private establishment, and homeschooling of children.

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2013 Liberty Seminars, Day Four
Katarina, 02 Sep 2013

The morning of a day four was dedicated to the presentations of our participants. Resorting to the worldwide Index of Human Freedom and other sources for data, each participant had 10 minutes to present an issue of the greatest threat to freedom in his or her own country, as well as propose ways of improving the current situation. A Q&A period followed each presentation. The session was very intense, lasting for 4 hours without a break, but it was all worth it, as the participants got a chance to learn about the situations in 16 countries as well as brush on their public speaking skills.

Rok Novak, Slovenia

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2013 Liberty Seminars, Day Three
Katarina, 29 Aug 2013

The third day of the Liberty Seminars Slovenia could be called the day of ideas. During the first session we watched another part of the The Commanding Heights series: The Battle of Ideas. Dan Mitchell followed up the topic with Keynes and Hayek's views on the government's role in the economy.

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2013 Liberty Seminar, Day Two
Katarina, 28 Aug 2013

The second day of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia focused on the debt crisis, and included the screening of movies. We kicked off with a documentary film from a three-part series, "The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy", before engaging in a discussion with Stephen Davies of the Institute of Economic Affairs, who joined us for a second time to discuss the history of trade.

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2013 Liberty Seminars, Day One
Katarina, 27 Aug 2013

The 6th annual edition of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia welcomed 28 participants from 16 countries at Hotel Kompas at Lake Bled on Monday, August 26.

Due to our generous supporters (Adam Smith Institute, Cato Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs, Heritage Foundation, The Ayn Rand Institute, and Heritage Foundation) we handed out hundreds of free books and other material during the registration. Our supporters are amazing! Thank you.

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Short Visits of the Liberty Seminas 2013
Tanja Stumberger, 21 Aug 2013

If you are unable to join us at a week long seminar, we invite you for shorter visits. More information here.

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Dear Supporters, Thank You!
Tanja Stumberger, 15 Aug 2013

Thank you dear supporters. With your support the 6th annual Liberty Seminars are going to be amazing!

So far, the following organizations have pledged their support of our project this year (in alphabetical order): Adam Smith Institute, Atlas Network, Ayn Rand Institute, Cato Institute, Foundation for Economic Education,Heritage Foundation, Institute of Economic Affairs and Network for a Free Society.

From Professor Edward Stringham
Katarina, 14 Aug 2013

I highly recommend the Liberty Seminars and programs run by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik. I have attended a couple events organized by Tanja and I recommend that you do too. Her events are top notch and run in an educational, informative, and interesting way. Tanja is a great mind and a great person too. From her coauthorship of the Human Freedom Index, to her great personal skills, Tanja is an intellectual dynamo in the classical liberal movement. Since she moved back to Slovenia a couple years ago I have noticed the presence of Slovenian classical liberals increase substantially. If you are student, attend her seminars! If you are potential donor, please help support other students to attend as well.

Edward Stringham, Ph.D.
L.V. Hackley Endowed Professor for the Study of Capitalism and Free Enterprise
Fayetteville State University
Editor, Journal of Private Enterprise

Reading material, Liberty Academy 2013
Katarina, 06 Aug 2013

Participants are expected to attend all sessions, where they engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed. Since the seminar is based on active participation of the participants, the participants are expected to read the assigned readings.

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Reading material, Liberty Camp 2013
Tanja Stumberger, 05 Aug 2013

Participants are expected to attend all sessions, where they engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed. Since the seminar is based on active participation of the participants, the participants are expected to read the assigned readings.

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Support the 2013 Liberty Seminars
Tanja Stumberger, 04 Aug 2013

The Liberty Seminars are fully funded by private contributions, grants and students' tuition. The Liberty Seminars do not accept government grants or any funds that derive from taxation.

Without our supporters we simply could not reach young people with ideas of liberty, limited government, free-market economics, and personal responsibility.

Our alumni know how unique and valuable these seminars are. For many of them attending the seminar was a life changing experience (2011 participants, 2010 participants, 2009 participants, 2008 participants). With help of our supporters we are changing the world, one student at a time.

I hope you will consider supporting the 2013 Liberty Seminars. There are two ways to make a donation:
1) If you are from the United States, you can make a tax-deductible donation via the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, just please make a reference on your payment to "to support the 2013 Liberty Seminars in Slovenia"
2) You can also make a donation to Svetilnik - drustvo za promocijo svobode, Glavarjeva 49, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (An account at SKB Bank, Ajdovscina 4, 1513 Ljubljana, IBAN: SI56031601000696981, BIC/SWIFT: SKBASI2X)

Thank you for supporting the Liberty Seminars!

Liberty Seminars 2013
Tanja Stumberger, 18 Jul 2013

The 6th Liberty Seminars will be held August 26-31, 2013.

We offer two seminars:
1. Liberty Camp 2013 (more about the seminar) or
2. Liberty Academy 2013 (more about the seminar)

The faculty of the Liberty Seminars 2013:

Liberty Seminars Join the Atlas Leadership Academy
Tanja Stumberger, 17 Jul 2013

The 2013 Liberty Seminars will be offered as an accredited course within the Atlas Leadership Academy! This means that the 2013 Liberty Seminars participants will earn 1 Atlas Leadership Academy credit.

From Our Alumni
Tanja Stumberger, 24 Apr 2013

"Four of us -- Thais Verhoeven, Karolina Jurak, Katerina Shapkova, and Paris Aslanidis -- first met in Slovenia in the summer of 2011. It was our love for the ideas of liberty that brought us to the shores of lake Bohinj, where the 2011 Liberty Seminars took place, under the auspices of Svetilnik. Even though we came from different countries and cultures, we spoke the common language of individual rights and free choice, which was more than enough for the participants from countries in Europe and beyond to spend together a wonderful week.

We kept in touch ever since, and we were thrilled to meet again at the 2013 European Students For Liberty (ESFL) conference in Leuven, Belgium (see photo above) to discuss the future of the student libertarian movement in Europe. One of us, Karolina, had even become the local coordinator for the Students of Liberty in Poland. At the conference we had a great time indulging in presentations and discussions. We are confident that this is not the end of 'our path'; another year, another conference will bring us together again."
-- Paris Aslanidis, Greece, 2011 Liberty Seminars Alumn

2012 Speakers Reflect on the Liberty Seminars
Tanja Stumberger, 04 Mar 2013

“Tanja and her team deserve our thanks and praise for assembling so many young people in a perfect setting to explore liberty from many angles. The energy and passion of the attendees were apparent from start to finish. I know from talking to many of them that they were eager to put what they learned to good use. Ten, twenty and thirty years from now when they are making history as men and women of influence, they will be telling stories about what a boost it was to be at a Liberty Seminar. Thanks to the thoughtful and generous donors whose investments in this event will be paying dividends for decades to come.”
-- Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

"The Liberty Seminars combine fun, scholarship, inquiry, and fellowship. The participants from across Europe (and occasionally from further afield) who have taken part are already changing the world for the better. These seminars attract smart, motivated, and energetic young people who care about liberty, about justice, about peace, and about the future. And what better place than beautiful Slovenia for them to meet?"
-- Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Executive Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

"The Liberty Seminars are a chance to dive deeply into some of the most profound, important, and stimulating ideas in the world. The participants are smart and passionate, the discussions and debates are lively and robust, and the setting is breathtaking. Tanja and her team have put together a top knotch, intensive learning experience that equips attendees with the mental tools to ask a vital question: "how can free people live better together?""
-- Dr. Adam Martin, Professor, King's College London, UK

"The Liberty Seminars are quality events. Everything is smoothly organized, allowing scholars and students to pack a lot of learning into a relatively short period of time - yet still allowing some amazing sightseeing and fun in a beautiful part of the world. There's also a great sense of camaraderie, with people from all over Europe joining together to discuss the ideas and ideals of a free society. I hope to return over and over again."
-- Daniel J. Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute



























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