Reading Material, 2011 Freedom and Transition
Tanja Stumberger, 01 Sep 2011

Participants are expected to attend all sessions, where they engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed. Since the seminar is based on active participation of the participants, the participants are expected to read the assigned readings.

The Rule of Law and the Free Society by Katarina Zajc
• Richard E. Messick , “Judicial Reform: The Why, the What, and the How,” The World Bank,

The Judicial Output and Wellbeing by Katarina Zajc
• Sherwood, Shepherd, and de Souza, “Judicial Systems and Economic Performance,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 34, Special Issue, Summer 1994, pp: 101-116.

Liberal, Classical Liberal, Libertarian? by Tanja Štumberger
• The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, pp: 295-307.
• David Boaz, “The Roots of Libertarianism,” in Libertarianism: A Primer (New York: The Free Press, 1997), pp: 27-58.

The Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Causes and Aftermath by Dan Mitchell
• Dan Mitchell, “Looking at Europe’s Self-Inflicted Economic Disaster (and Getting a Glimpse of America’s Obamanian,” July 20, 2011,
• Dan Mitchell,” Europe and Greece: Every Option Is on the Table…Except Doing the Right Thing,” May 24, 2011,
• Dan Mitchell, “Will the Euro Turn into the Argentinian Peso or the Zimbabwean Dollar?,” June 18, 2010,
• Dan Mitchell, “Europe Is Royally %$(#&@, and America May Be Next,” July 29, 2010,
• Dan Mitchell, 2The Collapse of the Euro, the Eurozone, and the European Union,” June 2, 2010,

Financial Crisis: A failure of Government or Markets? by Mark Calabria
• Mark Calabria, "Supply: A Tale of Two Bubbles," in Cato Journal, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Washington, DC: Cato Institute, 2011).

Flat Tax, Tax Competition and Tax Haven by Dan Mitchell
1. On flat tax
2. On tax competition:
3. On tax havens:

The Dollar, Euro and Renminbi: The Future of International Currency Competition by Mark Calabria
• …

Individual Rights: Origin, Scope, and Limitations by Tanja Štumberger
• Murray Rothbard, “The State,” in The Libertarian Reader (New York: The Free Press, 1997), pp: 36-41.
• Herbert Spencer, “The Right to Ignore the State,” in The Libertarian Reader (New York: The Free Press, 1997), pp: 149-53.
• Ayn Rand, “Man’s Rights,”

Measuring Rule of Law and Governance by Tanja Štumberger
• No readings.

Central and Eastern Europe: A Friend or Foe to Free Markets? by Primož Kocuvan
• No readings.

Global Warming: Science and Politics by Mišo Alkalaj
• Mišo Alkalaj, “Manufacturing consent of global warming,” a pre-print excerpt from a forthcoming book.

Green Lies by Mišo Alkalaj
• Robert James Bidinotto, “Environmentalism: Freedoms Foe for the 90s,” in The Freeman, November 1990, 40,
• Patrick Moore, “Hard Choices for the Environmental Movement...,”

Individual Rights in Liberal Democracy by Urban Vehovar
• James Madison, “The Federalist No. 51: The Structure of the Government Must Furnish the Proper Checks and Balances Between the Different Departments,” in Independent Journal (Wednesday, February 6, 1788),

Corruption and Economic Development by Urban Vehovar
• Guillermo O'Donnell, “Horizontal Accountability in New Democracies,” in Journal of Democracy, Volume 9, Number 3 (Washington, DC: The Johns Hopkins University Press, July 1998), pp. 112-126.

Varieties of Capitalism in Ex-Communist Countries by Philip Hanson
• Philip Hanson, “The European Union's Influence on the Development of Capitalism in Central Europe” (published as Chapter 5 of David Lane (ed), The Transformation of State Socialism (Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007), pp: 95-113.

Private Education and Economic Development by Milica Vukotić
• N.V. Varghese, “Globalization, economic crisis and national strategies for higher education,” IIEP Research Paper (UNESCO: Paris, 2009),
• OPTIONAL: “Higher education in South Eastern Europe,” University-Economic Partnerships for Enhancing Knowledge Transfer (2005), pp: 10-25,

Why is it so Hard to Modernise Russia? by Philip Hanson
• Philip Hanson, “Modernisation and Its Discontents,” forthcoming as part of an occasional paper from the Centre for European Reform in London.

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