Readings, Liberty Academy 2014
, 14 Sep 2014

Participants are expected to read/watch the assigned readings in order to be able to engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed at all sessions of the Liberty Camp. Liberty Seminars differ from other seminars by being based on active participation of the participants, so they will not be a passive listeners but, rather, active participants in the discussions. The readings are available at provided links.

Liberal, Classical Liberal, Libertarian? by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik
- "The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism: Classical Liberalism, German Liberalism, Presumption of Liberty, Liberty in the Ancient World, Limited Government and John Locke". (link)

History of Liberty by Tom Palmer
- "Limited Government and the Rule of Law" by Tom Palmer. (link)
- "Democracy and the Contest for Liberty" by Tom Palmer. (link)

Why Liberty? by Tom Palmer
- Benjamin Constant, "The Liberty of Ancients Compared with that of Moderns", (link)

The Case For and Against Taxes on Food, Tobacco and Alcohol by Chris Snowdon
- Christopher Snowdon, "The Wages of Sin Taxes: The True Cost of Taxing Alcohol, Tobacco and Other "Vices"". (link)
- Christopher Snowdon, "Aggressively Regressive: The 'sin taxes' that make the poor poorer, " (link)

Drug Legalization by Chris Snowdon
- The Economist, "The case for legalisation," (link)
- Chris Snowdon, "An alternative to drug prohibition" (link)

State-Funded Pressure Groups in the EU by Chris Snowdon
- Christopher Snowdon, "Euro Puppets: The European Commission's remaking of civil society". (link)
- Adolfas Mackonis and Zilvinas Silenas, "Helping Themselves: Six ways to reform EU Funding of NGO's" (link)

Individual Rights v. Government Powers by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik
- "Man's Rights" by Ayn Rand. (link)
- "Who is The State," by Murray Rothbard. (video)
- "The Right to Ignore the State," by Herbert Spencer. (link)

Measuring Freedom by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik
- "An Index of Freedom in the World," by Ian Vasquez and Tanja Stumberger. (link)
- "Economic Freedom of the World," by James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Joshua Hall. (link)

The Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises by Dan Mitchell
- "Question of the Week: Has the European Fiscal Crisis Ended?" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- "Stop the Presses, Europe's Doing the Right Thing on Failed Banks!" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- Overdose: A Film about the Next Financial Crisis (video)

Europe's Austerity or Excessive Spending? by Dan Mitchell
- "Europe's Problem Is Excessive Spending, not Austerity" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- "Where Are the European Spending Cuts?" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- Commanding Heights: The Battle of Ideas (video)
- Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy (video)

Flat Tax, Tax Competition and Tax Haven by Dan Mitchell
- 1. On flat tax
a) "A Brief Guide to the Flat Tax" by Dan Mitchell (link)
b) "A Primer on the Flat Tax and Fundamental Tax Reform" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- 2. On tax competition: "New European Data: When Tax Competition Is Weakened, Politicians Respond by Increasing Tax Rates" by Dan Mitchell (link)
- 3. On tax havens:
a) "The Economic Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
b) "The Moral Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
c) "Tax Havens: Myths vs. Facts" by Dan Mitchell (video)

The Ukraine-Russia Crisis by Oleg Manaev
- Pew Research Center, "Despite Concerns about Governance, Ukrainians Want to Remain One Country", (link)
- Thomas Sherlock, "Putin's Public Opinion Challenge", The National Interest, August 21, 2014, (link)
- Paul J. Saunders, "When Sanctions Lead to War, " The New York Times, August 21, 2014, (link)
- Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, 15 May 2014, (link)

The Belarusian Authoritarianism by Oleg Manaev
- Oleg Manaev: "Peculiarities of Belarusian Authoritarianism and Its Influence on the Regime Dynamics in Russia and Ukraine".

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