The Liberty Seminars 2008: Impressions by Alumni
29 Aug 2009

Liberty Camp offered me a challenging opportunity to listen and learn. Since participants had such different backgrounds, the discussions were always very lively. The excellent lectures given by dedicated professors encouraged us to think about economic and philosophical principles of classical liberalism. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who can spare a week to learn and have fun in the beautiful Slovenian Julian Alps.

Alexandra Sabolova, Slovakia


Liberty Camp profoundly changed my vision about the future of the world we live in. It offered me the chance to evolve from a passive listener to an active advocate of classical liberalism. I strongly recommend the Liberty Camp to anyone who thinks that it is time to free his or her mind.

Andreea Moraru, Romania


I have to admit that during my preparation for Liberty Camp 2008 I was not so optimistic in regard to awareness of younger people for the importance of ideas of classical liberalism. One of my first observations was that not only the participants were well informed of the "story" that was to be told at the Camp (for that all credits goes to the organizers, especially to Tanja and Slovenian organizers) but also that their acquaintance with the ideas of classical liberalism and its pros and cons was on the highest level.

Of course, there were some dissonant tones during our lectures and conversations but they contributed very much to the overall quality of the LC. The debates were open and tolerant and they gave me opportunity not just to talk about and to expose the ideas we are supporting but also to reconsider them again. This has helped me to create new lines of arguments and ways of defending the ideas of free market and the concept of individual freedom.

A distinctive quality of Liberty Camp is the unique atmosphere from day one. A strong desire to learn from each other built long-lasting relationships between lecturers and participants. Moreover, the seminar was a rare opportunity to have fun while becoming well-versed with the ideas of liberty.
Openness and special atmosphere should attract people to participate in next similar events. I have never seen Liberty Camp as something that is only for sympathizers. It was an opportunity to talk to the people who do not see things as we (libertarians) do. Also, it is not so often that we have opportunity to learn something and have fun at the same time. And exactly that was present at the Liberty Camp. That is the reason of attractiveness of the Liberty Camp and I am sure that the new Liberty Camp will attract even more people to apply.

It was great pleasure for me to take part in organizing the first Liberty Camp in Slovenia. That was a completely new experience that means a lot to me and that gave me more strength and enthusiasm in the conviction that the idea of liberty is not just a true and proper one but also something that in terms of practical perspective has great potential.

I hope that the next Liberty Camp will even more contribute to that cause.

I hope we well meet at the next Liberty Camp!
Aleksandar Novakovic, Serbia
Katalaksija, Editor-in-Chief


Dear Libertarians,

My name is Andjelija Babic and I am from Montenegro, I study at the Faculty for International Economy, Finance and Business, UDG. My faculty is based on classical liberal thought and that is why I was encourage to explore liberty as the basis of economics, politics, technology, etc. But my love for these ideas was born when I studied the market process.

The Liberty Camp in Slovenia helped me to find myself, not just as an economist but as a human being. There were so many people who were willing to explore, think, create, etc. And that is the reason why I am even considering to participate in this camp again, to discuss with you�present and, I hope, future libertarians.

In Liberty,
Andjelija Babic, Montenegro


Things that I liked the most at Liberty Camp were companionship and outdoor activities. As for the reasons people should participate in Liberty Camps, I think exposure to a worldview different from all-pervasive statism is an essential starting point in understanding our world in recent history and at present. Classical liberalism may at first sound dated to the uninitiated, but as a system of ideas it is underpinning a society of independent and responsible individuals�it is light-years advanced to prevailing and growing socialism.

Best of luck!

Andrej Starimirovic, Serbia


I enjoyed the people, both the lectures and the participants (it was in fact a rare occasion to meet so many south-east Europeans in one place) and the mountains, the lake - the whole scenery - were truly memorable and no mountain enthusiast (such as myself) deserves to see them.

Bogdan Enache, Romania


Liberty Camp�great lectures, good organization, a lot of useful work and a lot of English. I learned a lot of very interesting things, of which I liked the most lectures and discussions on philosophy, law, politics and history. The lecturers were just great, while the speakers offered us answers to all those tricky questions and shared with us their experiences.

Also, the organizers did their best to make this experience interesting, organizing a trip to Savica waterfall, canoeing on Lake Bohinj and lectures outside (on the lake). It was excellent!

I made a lot of friendships, met a lot of smart young people, had a chance to talk and share this experience. I feel my mission at Lake Bohinj is completed.

Thank you again, Cato Institute & everybody else!!! You are welcome here in Nis or Serbia! If not before, see you next year!!!

Faithfully yours,

Vera Milenkovic, Serbia


Liberty Camp is something similar to a book made up from a whole set of pages each of which is telling a different story, its own. So, this book placed on the front pages the teachers, the organizers and the special guests that we had, whom we enjoyed listening and from whom we learned a lot of new and interesting things. Then there were placed the immediate participants. Because being in the middle of another 40 students from totally different countries that share a different cultural background but who are sharing the same ideas like you, makes you feel as a part of a big international family, especially at the evening parties.

During the classes and discussions that we had, I gained so much knowledge, I found out so much new information, I met a lot of people, I had so much fun, I discovered the others, but in the same time I discovered myself from a totally new perspective, I became more open and more interested in something new, I gain a lot of experience and I even opened up to more. That is why, I'm already having the idea that in several years maybe I will have the possibility to bring a Liberty Camp in Moldova also.

And at the end, I can only add that week spent with all those great persons just convinced me once more how beautiful life can be, especially when you are open to new visions, new experiences, new people and new ideas.

Thank you!

I miss the beautiful time spent during the Liberty Camp! I enjoyed it a lot and I really hope to have the opportunity to be a participant at one of your future camps.

Aurelia Slanina, Moldova


Friedrich Hayek once told a man passionate about freedom that rather than going into politics, he should try and persuade opinion leaders - especially intellectuals - about the true meaning and importance of freedom in society. Since then, many wonderful people have taken that advice and began spreading the ideas of freedom throughout the world. Some of them are behind one of the best experiences in my life, the Liberty Camp in Slovenia.

I cannot better describe the Liberty Camp than as the best combination of quality lectures, engaging debates and great fun. It was the best place to learn exciting new things not only about subjects such as property rights and free trade, but also about the internal cohesion and strength of classical liberal philosophy. Debating these ideas late into the night in front of a fire and after a delicious stake and a glass of wine just makes the whole experience unforgettable.

And of course, you get to learn how to keep together six canoes in a middle of a superb mountain lake Bohinj while playing word games, laughing like crazy, and not get wet.

I strongly encourage anybody interested in the principles of a free society, and with a taste for adventure and fun, to apply for the camp. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience.

Cosmin Victor Popa, Romania

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