The Liberty Seminars 2010: Impressions by Alumni
27 Oct 2010

The Liberty Seminars 2010 were the first experience of this kind for me. The Freedom&Transition seminar - the second part of the Seminars that I was a participant of - went beyond the simple idea of a seminar, as it provided me with great insight on the informal institutions, the rule of law and, last but not the least, on the economic and political changes undergone by post-socialist European countries. Gained knowledge during the seminar completed my view on this subject and it enriched my critical perspective of it. The participants' attitude towards the discussions and debates we had during the seminar was extremely active and productive. Along with the academic part of the seminar, the social part was of great quality as well. I enjoyed meeting people with various backgrounds and spending time with them. Moreover, the setting for the Seminars was perfect. All in all, I was glad to be part of the Liberty Seminars and I would like to thank the organizers for their efforts.

Andreea-Mihaela Prundeanu, Romania, participant of the 2010 Freedom and Transition Seminar

The Liberty Seminars 2010 were a great experience! Not just because they provided me with new knowledge on politics and economics, but also because they let me express my own opinion and listen to the thoughts of others on various subjects. I really enjoyed the intellectual environment of the seminar, and every participant's special curiosity and desire to make the change in their societies. I enjoyed both the lectures and discussions. Also, I really appreciate the effort of the organizers to make the Liberty Seminars not just a good 'food for thought', but also a marvelous adventure I am never going to forget. In just a few words: amazing people from different countries, great ideas and thoughts, unforgettable places in Slovenia, and a lot of fun, of course. That's something really worth taking part in!

Maksym Antonov, Ukraine, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

In 2010 I attended the Liberty Seminars for the second time. After a very good experience at the Liberty Camp two years ago, I have decided to spend a week at the Freedom and Transition seminar. These seminars are getting better and better each year. This time I had a unique chance to become acquainted with processes of transition in post-socialist countries and trying to figure out what went wrong in my country. Beside learning many valuable details about rule of law and institutions, I also enjoyed the beauty of Slovenian alpine nature (which seems to be resistant against both socialism and transition) and met many great young people from all over the world.

Jan Geder, Slovenia, participant of the 2010 Freedom and Transition Seminar

I admit now, I knew something about the libertarian ideas before arriving at Bohinj. Though, at the seminar itself where we were surrounded by a beautiful Lake Bohinj I’ve learned more than just the ideas of classical liberalism, I’ve learn how to put them into practice. Also, I was given a chance to become more aware of the realities in the Balkans. Being back home, I am happy and proud to disseminate what I’ve learned at the seminar. THANK YOU for a wonderful time!

Corina Neagu, Romania, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

The Liberty Seminars was a magical experience for me. I can simply say that I enjoyed every aspect of it, whether it was learning about domestic politics of Romania or enjoying walks around Lake Bohinj with Serbian and Montenegrin participants. I can't think of a better place to be at with a group of people reflecting on history, current world affairs and life itself! We made friendships that go beyond geographical and cultural barriers, only driven by our common humanity to reach a genuine understanding for one another and the places we come from. Bohinj will forever have a place in my heart that I turn to for serenity and peace of mind.

Rabih El Tair, Lebanon, participant of the 2010 Freedom and Transition Seminar

The Liberty Camp was great! Everything was organized perfectly. All participants enjoyed it very much, including me. Without a doubt on my mind, the seminar presented me very valuable and important ideas on liberty and freedom, which I will be able to use in the future. Further, at the seminar I met many interesting and knowledgeable people. Some of them became very good friends to me. Lastly, I very much enjoyed the trips we took around Slovenia; I still cannot believe the beauty of its nature!

Tsoghik Muradyan, Georgia, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

I liked the seminar very much. This was my first seminar focused mostly on economics. Although I am not a fan of economics and I must admit that I have almost no knowledge about it, I very much liked and was able to follow almost all sessions at the seminar. I was very much impressed by the participants of the seminar, who were amazing. The lecturers and staff members were very nice too. :)

Elma Orucevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

When I got accepted to the seminar I had high expectations for it. To my great surprise I have experienced and learned even more than I thought I would. During the seminar I met true libertarians from ex-communists countries and learned a lot about freedom from them. I enjoyed the company of other participants, as well spending a week in the beautiful nature of Slovenia. And of course, I would like to attend the seminar again! :)

Ilija Pantovic, Montenegro, participant of the 2010 Freedom and Transition Seminar

The Liberty Seminars offered me much more than I have expected. The seminar was more than getting to know better a perspective on liberty, which is very hard to find in Eastern Europe, it was an excursion into a culture of freedom. I greatly appreciated each and every speaker, as they tried to help us figure out for ourselves what we want from freedom and what we truly consider as freedom at an individual level. I thank them for their efforts and I, at the same time, encourage them to spread their knowledge further, to other people. Only by a better and deeper understanding of the world around us, people can reached an informed and balanced choice, no matter what that choice is about.

Ioana Acsinia, Romania, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

The 2010 Freedom and Transition seminar was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the theoretical aspects of liberalism in general and libertarianism in particular. Also, through this seminar, I came to know more about the political and economic situation in Slovenia, but also of the whole Central and Eastern Europe from 1989 up to the present. I particularly enjoyed the debates scheduled at the end of the seminar, as they focused on relevant political and economic issues and gave us a chance to taste the thrill of "arguing" in a structured and concise manner. Last but not least, I greatly enjoyed the scenery and the outings which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other and the Slovenian countryside. Apply! You won't be disappointed!

Valentina Dimulescu, Romania, participant of the 2010 Freedom and Transition Seminar

The Liberty Seminar was a great opportunity to find out more about freedom and economics from a totally new point of view for me. I enjoyed a lot the lectures and, even more so, the discussions which brought out questions and answers about today's topical issues. I left the breath-taking surroundings of Lake Bohinj being glad that I made new friends, took a lot of great pictures and found a desire to know more about economics and freedom.

Ecaterina Morariu, Romania, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

A week in the Slovenian Alps was a very rewarding experience, as I enriched my knowledge and challenged myself. The seminar not only helped me to shape my personality, but also was the first step towards following the path to Liberty. In only a week spam, I met great people, shared unforgettable experiences, had fun time and actively participated in discussions. Lastly, this seminar inspired me to apply for an internship at libertarian think tanks in the U.S.A.

Anastassia Doubovskaya, Belarus, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

The Liberty Camp was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It was not only an interesting journey to another country and another culture, but also a chance to shape my views on the economic and political issues. The seminar was a unique opportunity to look at the challenges and problems of my country from another point of view and, hence, to rethink how our governmental could delve into these economic, political, and social issues from a classical liberal approach. I am very grateful to the organizers of The Liberty Camp for this accepting me to the seminar and giving me the opportunity to take part at this amazing seminar. I wish them further inspiration in conducting the Liberty Seminars and other similar projects. As an alumna of this project I must say that I rate this program as number one on all programs that I've been part of or I know of. That is why I strongly recommend everybody to attend it!

Nataliia Saviak, Ukraine, participant of the 2010 Liberty Camp Seminar

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