Reading material, 2012 Liberty Academy
18 Aug 2012

Participants are expected to attend all sessions, where they engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed. Since the seminar is based on active participation of the participants, the participants are expected to read the assigned readings.

Liberal, Classical Liberal, Libertarian? by Tanja Stumberger
- “The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism: Classical Liberalism, German Liberalism, Presumption of Liberty, Liberty in the Ancient World, Limited Government and John Locke”.
- “The Roots of Libertarianism” by David Boaz.

Individual Rights v. Government Powers by Tanja Stumberger
- “Man’s Rights” by Ayn Rand. (link)
- “The Right to Ignore the State” by Herbert Spencer.
- “The State” by Murray Rothbard.

The Rule of Law and the Free Society by Katarina Zajc
- “Judicial Reform: The Why, the What, and the How” by Richard E. Messick. (link)

Discussion: Good Things Happening in the Region by Tom Palmer
- No readings.

Discussion: History of Liberty by Tom Palmer
- “Limited Government and the Rule of Law” by Tom Palmer. (link)
- “Democracy and the Contest for Liberty” by Tom Palmer. (link)

Discussion: History of Economic Thought by Adam Martin
- ”The Battle of Ideas : Economics and the Struggle for a Better World” by Peter Boettke

Public Choice by Adam Martin
- "Politics Without Romance" by James Buchanan.

End of the Welfare State by Tom Palmer
- "The Market Economy and the Distribution of Wealth," by Ludwig Lachmann. (link)

The Austrian School v. the Chicago School by Adam Martin
- “Austrian Economics: Methodology, Concepts, and Implications for Economic Education“ by Joshua C. Hall and Adam G. Martin
- “Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics” by Richard M. Ebeling. (link)

Flat Tax, Tax Competition and Tax Haven by Dan Mitchell
- 1. On flat tax
a) "A Brief Guide to the Flat Tax" by Dan Mitchell (link)
b) "The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America" by Dan Mitchell (video)
- 2. On tax competition:
a) "British Business Writer Explains: Thanks to Tax Competition and Tax Havens, the Greed of the Political Class Is Being Constrained" by Dan Mitchell (link)
b) "Tax Oppression Index Ranks America in Bottom Half of Industrialized Nations" by Dan Mitchell (link)
c) "Tax Competition: A Liberalizing Force in the World Economy" by Dan Mitchell (video)
- 3. On tax havens:
a) "The Economic Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
b) "The Moral Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
c) "Tax Havens: Myths vs. Facts" by Dan Mitchell (video)

The Government‘s Role in the Economy: Keynes v. Hayek by Dan Mitchell
- “Why Is Keynesian Economics Like a Freddy Krueger Movie?” by Dan Mitchell. (link)
- “The Keynesian Crack-Up” by Dan Mitchell. (link)
- “Keynesian Economics and the Wizard of Oz” by Dan Mitchell. (link)

The Future of International Security Alliances by Doug Bandow
- “The Case for Restraint” by Barry R. Posen. (link)

Drug War and Drug Decriminalization by Doug Bandow
- “It's Time To Declare Peace In The War Against Drugs” by Doug Bandow. (link)
- “Will Mexico Declare Peace In The War On Drugs, And Will Obama Let Them?” by Doug Bandow. (link)

The Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises by Dan Mitchell
- “Looking at Europe’s Self-Inflicted Economic Disaster (and Getting a Glimpse of America’s Obamanian” by Dan Mitchell. (link)
- ”Europe and Greece: Every Option Is on the Table…Except Doing the Right Thing” by Dan Mitchell. (link)

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