21 Aug 2012

Because we unexpectedly lost the main source of funding, the Liberty Seminars 2012 were in danger. If we didn't find new supporters, we would have been forced to cancel this year’s seminars. In this very grave situation we turned to the friends of the Liberty Seminars for HELP.

Our alumni know how unique and valuable these seminars are. For many of them attending the seminar was a life changing experience. Try to imagine these young minds never had an opportunity to attend the seminar. We knew that we cannot allow that the 2012 participants would be denied such an opportunity.

The campaign "SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS" started on August 17 and finished on August 27 (when the 2012 Liberty Seminars began). During that time we have received 63 donations, which have raised over 25.000 euro or 83% of the target funds. THANK YOU in the name of the 2012 Liberty Seminars participants. Together we have SAVED the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia!

1. Daniel Hinst
2. Milutin Pavicevic (2008 participant)
3. Patricia Walsh
4. Robert Lawson
5. Joshua Hall
6. Bob Schroeder
7. Nejc Rozman (2012 participant)
8. Jure Bukovec
9. Srdjan Nikolic
10. Network for a Free Society
11. Jacek Spendal
12. Jure Baloh (2009 participant)
13. Jan Geder (2008 and 2010 participant)
14. David E. Shellenberger
15. Martin Panek (2012 participant)
16. Dominik Stroukal (2012 participant)
17. Katarina Zajc
18. Tanja Stumberger
19. Tom Clougherty
20. Lovro Jurgec (2009 participant)
21. Peter Gorse (2012 participant)
22. unnamed
23. Zoltan Kesz (2008 participant)
24. Krassen Stanchev
25. Mitja Robin
26. Vera Milenkovic (2008 participant)
27. Jurgec d.o.o.
28. Bogdan Sajovic (2010 and 2011 participant)
29. Katarina Korbelova (2011 participant)
30. Boris Štumberger
31. Ben Stafford (2008 participant)
32. Petar Ganev
33. Stephen Stephens
34. Enes Banda (2009 participant)
35. Belan Martin (2012 participant)
36. Tanja Kosi
37. Mark Calabria
38. Matt Bufton
39. Tomaz Butina
40. Milan Pagon
41. Marko Pavlisic
42. Institute for Market Economics
43. Jakub Pivoluska (2011 participant)
44. unnamed
45. Tom Dyble (2009 participant)
46. Andrej Srakor
47. KC 2 Ltd
48. Ljubo Sirc
49. Andreea Moraru (2008 participant)
50. Andrea Rich
51. Frederik Cyrus Roeder (2009 participant)
52. RE-FORMA d.o.o.
53. Libertarijanski Klub Libek
54. unnamed
55. Domen Zafred (2009 participant)
56. Dominik Weber (2011 participant)
57. Marko Porcnik
58. Catinca Hanganu (2008 participant)
59. The Bojan and Vida Ribnikar fund
60. Katerina Sapkova (2011 participant)
61. Adam Martin
62. Daniel J. Mitchell
63. unnamed

Comments by some of our donors:

Dear Tanja and the rest of your team,
I'm glad that the Liberty Seminars have survived and gave the opportunity to many individuals to take part at the project. This event is unique and deserves to continue because it has a spirit and objective. It's not just worth the trouble organizing it, but also worth the time participating. Many people understood the power of the ideas that are presented at the seminars and have therefore decided to save the seminars. I gave little to support big. I thank you that you didn't give up and have touched so many people that at the end decided to contribute. I wish you all the best and hope that you will have the strength and enthusiasm to continue organizing the Liberty Seminars.

-- Martin Belan, 2012 participant and donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

Dear Tanja and everyone else,
I'm very, very glad that you have managed to save the Liberty Seminars! It has tradition and it it crucial to keep it. My financial contribution was the smallest I could have done. I'm proud of your project, and being a part of it as a participant in 2008 and now as a donor! Let libertarian spirit live forever! We all need it. :) .

-- Vera Milenković, 2008 participant and donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

Dear Tanja,
I'm delighted that the seminars went ahead and were a success. Keep up the good work.

-- Tom Clougherty, donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

I'm so glad there was such a large group of students. Wishing you all much success for next year's program and into the future.

-- Andrea Rich, donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

Glad I could have helped. Truly impressive to see what you are accomplishing.

-- Mark Calabria, 2011 speaker and donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

It looks like Tanja Štumberger and company did another bang up job, this time under extraordinary circumstances. Wish I could have done more to help. Hopefully all had a great and intellectually stimulating time. GREAT JOB TANJA AND FRIENDS!
-- Bob Schroeder, donor to the “SAVE the LIBERTY SEMINARS” campaign

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