Reading material, Liberty Academy 2013
07 Aug 2013

Participants are expected to attend all sessions, where they engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed. Since the seminar is based on active participation of the participants, the participants are expected to read the assigned readings.

- "Man's Rights" by Ayn Rand. (link)
- "Who is The State," by Murray Rothbard. (link)
- "The Right to Ignore the State," by Herbert Spencer. (link)

MONDAY, August 26, 2013
Liberal, Classical Liberal, Libertarian? by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik
- "What is Libertarianism? The fundamentals of the theory of liberty." (link)
- "The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism: Classical Liberalism, German Liberalism, Presumption of Liberty, Liberty in the Ancient World, Limited Government and John Locke."

The History and Future of Liberty in Europe by Stephen Davies
- "Exploring Liberty: The History of Liberty," by Tom G. Palmer. (video)
- "The Libertarian View: Liberty and the Path of History," by Tom G. Palmer. (video)

Measuring Freedom by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik
- "An Index of Freedom in the World," by Ian Vasquez and Tanja Stumberger. (link)
- "Economic Freedom of the World 2012," by James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Joshua Hall. (link)

TUESDAY, August 27, 2013
Trade, Trade Connections and History by Stephen Davies
- "Economic Freedom and Growth," by Josh Hall. (video)
- "Free to Choose: Milton Friedman debates a protectionist," (video)

The fiscal crisis: Causes and Consequences by Philip Booth
- "The surprising ingredients of Swedish success: free markets and social cohesion," by Nima Sanandaji. (link)
- OPTIONAL: "Spending Beyond Our Means: How We Are Bankrupting Future Generations," by Jagadeesh Gokhale. (link)
- OPTIONAL: "Redefining the Poverty Debate: Why a War on Markets is No Substitute for aWar on Poverty," by Kristian Niemietz. (link)

Debt, spending and limitations of the state by Mark Littlewood
- "A constitution for liberty," in Towards a Liberal Utopia? (link)
- "Living with Leviathan: Public Spending, Taxes and Economic Performance," (link)
- OPTIONAL: "Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes: Big Steps to a Smaller State," (link)

WEDNESDAY, August 28, 2013
The Government's Role in the Economy: Keynes v. Hayek by Dan Mitchell
- "Why Is Keynesian Economics Like a Freddy Krueger Movie?" by Dan Mitchell. (link)
- "The Keynesian Crack-Up" by Dan Mitchell. (link)
- "Keynesian Economics and the Wizard of Oz" by Dan Mitchell. (link)

THURSDAY, August 29, 2013
Flat Tax, Tax Competition and Tax Haven by Dan Mitchell
- 1. On flat tax
a) "A Brief Guide to the Flat Tax" by Dan Mitchell (link)
b) "The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America" by Dan Mitchell (video)
- 2. On tax competition:
a) "British Business Writer Explains: Thanks to Tax Competition and Tax Havens, the Greed of the Political Class Is Being Constrained" by Dan Mitchell (link)
b) "Tax Oppression Index Ranks America in Bottom Half of Industrialized Nations" by Dan Mitchell (link)
c) "Tax Competition: A Liberalizing Force in the World Economy" by Dan Mitchell (video)
- 3. On tax havens:
a) "The Economic Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
b) "The Moral Case for Tax Havens" by Dan Mitchell (video)
c) "Tax Havens: Myths vs. Facts" by Dan Mitchell (video)

Labour Market Performance in the Crisis: Recent Developments, Causes and Possible Actions by Tanja Kosi Antolic
- "A grim employment forecast for EuropeWhen the cyclical becomes structural, " by The Economist. (link)
- OPTIONAL: "OECD Employment Outlook 2012, " (link)

FRIDAY, August 30, 2013
Welcome to the Machine: Market Money vs. Monopoly Money by David Greenwald
- No readings.

Not Enough Bricks for the Wall: Credit Expansion, Resource Misallocation, and Market Crashes by David Greenwald
- No readings.

Facing Radicalism: The Hungarian Case by Zoltan Kesz
- No readings.

SATURDAY, August 31, 2013
- No readings.

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