The Liberty Seminars 2014: Impressions by Alumni
30 Oct 2014

"The Liberty Seminars were a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds that share the same values of personal and economic freedom. This week of passionate discussions made me believe that I am not alone in my search for a free and democratic society. Inspiring lectures, highly motivated participants and breath-taking natural views were all we needed to gain new knowledge and make good friends. The Liberty Seminars are a place where you learn how to defend your personal opinion through the art of debate and logical arguments on plenty of political and economic issues. Great experience for all the professionals who want to explore how libertarian ideas influence every level of our lives."
Mariya Kapari, Bulgaria

"The Liberty Seminars fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. Lecturers such as Tom Palmer, Dan Mitchell, Zoltan Kecz, Tanja Porcnik, David Greenwald, Anze Burger and others impressed me a lot. It was my pleasure and honor to actually see these people that I knew only from the internet, and even to talk to them. Participants made presentations about their countries and that touched me in emotional way - I was simply moved. Some countries are in deep trouble and as Tolstoy wrote, all countries are alike in their happiness but very different in their unhappiness. Macedonia, Balouch, India, Turkey, Belarus, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Mexico and Bulgaria - I really care about these countries and their people now. Some of the participants had some doubts about some issues of liberty but the discussions they precipitated were even more inspiring. Not everything was perfect: we were obliged to do some serious readings before the seminar, and it lasted only for a week. Besides that, the seminar was close to philosophical libertarian heaven.
Slavko Sajko, Slovenia

"The Liberty Seminars were a great chance to hear from interesting speakers. I specially enjoyed Tom Palmer and David Greenwald. But it wasn't just about politics, economics and law. It was also about lots of interesting people who came from different parts of world. During one of the seminars, I discovered so much about other cultures and languages, which was also lots of fun. All of that took place near the beautiful Bohinj lake. To sum up, it was great and I recommend it to everyone."
Jan Mikula, Czech Republic

"My experience at the Liberty Seminars 2014 has been an enriching one in more respects than I can speak of. Meeting people across various disciplines and engaging in intense conversations with the esteemed faculty at the seminars strengthened my perspective. The agenda and content of the seminars were very progressive and thought-provoking. I had a delightful and a very memorable experience at the seminars and would certainly recommend them to anyone!"
Shreyas Katta, India

"The Liberty Seminars provided an excellent opportunity for me to combine academic and informal education. The lecturers raised acute questions that helped participants expand their thinking and look at problems from different angles. What I especially liked about lectures is that they were devoted to a wide range of areas, such as liberty from a historical perspective to contemporary state and economic development. Moreover, meeting people from all over the world is a wonderful way to gain knowledge and experience, and to share thoughts and ideas. I am especially grateful to the organizers for their friendliness and the atmosphere during this event. The Liberty Seminars provide a truly exceptional opportunity for students to gain new knowledge as well as to meet like-minded people and spend an unforgettable week together."
Darya Kavaliova, Belarus

"I am very glad to have been able to participate in this unique opportunity. I can honestly say that it was a really good decision. The Seminars were an unforgettable week full of knowledge, interesting facts and amazing people. I wish success to the Liberty Seminars in future years."
Monica Serrano, Mexico

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