Readings, Liberty Seminars 2015
17 Sep 2015

Participants are expected to read the assigned readings in order to be able to engage critically with the readings and the issues discussed at all sessions of the Liberty Seminars. The latter differ from other seminars by being based on active participation of the participants, so they will not be a passive listeners but, rather, active participants in the discussions. The readings are available at provided links.

- "The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism: Classical Liberalism, German Liberalism, Presumption of Liberty, Liberty in the Ancient World, Limited Government and John Locke". (link)

- Christopher Snowdon, "The Rich Versus the Super-Rich". (link)

- Chris Snowdon, "Nanny State Name-Calling," (link)

- Christopher Snowdon, "Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism". (link)

- Ayn Rand, "Man's Rights". (link)

- Murray Rothbard, "Who is The State". (video)

- Herbert Spencer, "The Right to Ignore the State". (link)

- Ian Vasquez and Tanja Porcnik, "The Human Freedom Index". (link)

- James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Joshua Hall, "Economic Freedom of the World". (link)

- Michael Tanner, "The Work versus Welfare Trade-Off: Europe". (link)

- Michael Tanner, "The Pros and Cons of a Guaranteed National Income". (link)

- Matej Makarovic and Mateja Rek, "Power and Influence-Based Political Participation in European Democracies". (link)

- Henrik Bang, "Among everyday makers and expert citizens". (link)

- P. L. Berger and Th, Luckmann, "Social Construction of Reality". (link)

- Alec McHoul and Wendy Grace, "A Foucault Primer: Discourse, Power and the Subject.". (link)

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